Reactivate the honey

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From: Brewing up gaoler's honey

Do you need it for something? Or is this a morbid and terrible curiosity? If you can provide the raw materials for the process – and a little something for his trouble – the Cryptozoologist can perform... […] 'Reconstitution' is the shortest word he uses.

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Unlocked with 350 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey, 10 x Bottled Oblivion, 5 x F.F. Gebrandt's Tincture of Vigour, 100 x Jade Fragment


An evening of pacing

You prowl […] outside the Cryptozoologist's study […] the small hairs on your neck erect themselves […] Hell is touching the living world, here.

The Cryptozoologist emerges […] His face is shadowed and his eyes are wide. "Here," he says. "Take it away. Please."

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Success Instructions: Should you so wish, you can sample the honey by selecting it in your inventory. Otherwise, you could continue your investigation around London – perhaps the Forgotten Quarter?