Receive your corsair's colours

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From: The Guano-Splattered Hierophant

Your vessel bristles with weaponry. You've been accepted by a Blue Prophet. What remains to be done?

Game Instructions: Becoming a fully fledged corsair will raise your maximum Zeefaring to 6.

Unlocked with Almost-Tame Blue Prophet

Locked with Corsair's Colours



The little urchin […] produces a bolt of startlingly-blue cloth. […] a flag.

"Yer one of us now, […] Fly this at zee, and you'll be doin' the the work o' the waters. […] Welcome to the corsairs! And may death, when it comes, greet you like a long-lost friend."

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Success Instructions: You may now raise the Corsairs' Colours, and accept bounties from your Blue Prophet, from aboard your ship.