Refuse her and speak with the Jovial Contrarian

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From: In the Garden

What she asks is neither legal nor reasonable. It's possible that you'll get some sense out of the Contrarian.

Unlocked with Trailing the Affluent Photographer 2


A month of revolutions

"So, she wants you to take a cudgel to the Nostalgic Sonnetist? […] does confirm to me that she's part of March's cell. You've heard of the Calendar Council? […] up to no good. Especially March – not a patch on April or September, one hears. […]"

Description summary:
The Jovial Contrarian explains what the Calendar Council is. He disagrees with the Photographer wanting to have the Nostalgic Sonnetist beaten, and suggests that you leave the matter with him – he may be able to turn it to advantage for both of you.

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