Refuse the request (dupe)

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From: Help in Laying Rumours to Rest (dupe)

Action Cost: 0

You won't be involved in their scandals.

Game Instructions: (With A Victim of Frequent Betrayals 6) Excessive betrayal leads to suspicion – until Time, the Healer comes, you will not be able to fall for any more fraudulent offers!

Your friend needs Hoping for Help With a Scandal [your name]

When Sent

Their business is their own

You're terribly sorry, of course, but you don't want your own good name anywhere near that tale of what they did behind the arras with the drunken dandy. That's untrue? Well, doesn't that prove your point?

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

  • You refused to involve yourself in [friend's name]'s scandals.
  • You completed Social Event: Help in Laying Rumours to Rest with [friend's name]

Your friend will receive:

[Your name] does not wish to associate themselves in your scandals.