Report a story of Mutton Island to Mr Wines

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From: Reporting to Mr Wines

You have done as Jervaise asked, and achieved a far happier result than might be expected for a simple False-Summer affair.

Unlocked with A First Story for Mr Wines 1000

Locked with HandedInFirst (hidden)


An error, most grievous

Mr Wines is towering, incandescent. Its wroth is like thunder […]

Mr Wines curses. […]

"Love? On Mutton Island? […] An impossibility! A treachery! […]

An attendant, bedecked in jewellery […] "A gift from one more appreciative," […] 'Protocols for Peregrination'.

Description summary:
Most of the second paragraph varies with your A First Story for Mr Wines quality.

Story for Mr WinesSecond paragraph
1000 - The Custodial Chef and the Roaming Replete"A happy union! Calamity! They shall find joy in each other, perspectives well beyond the quotidian and an exchange of culinary and cultural ideas that will enrich the other. Awful! Dreadful! Woe!"
2000 - The Custodial Chef and the Dashing Drownie"A happy union! Calamity! They shall zail the zees together when time and tide allow; one last voyage for the Custodial Chef! A new lease of life for the Drownie!"
3000 - The Custodial Chef and the Hooded Lady"A happy union! Calamity! There shall always be a fire burning on Mutton Island for our mutual friend. She shall come home at last, whensoever she chooses, and it shall be a home, a place for her on the island as before. Dreadful. Awful!"
4000 - The Melancholy Curate and the Roaming Replete"[…] A fruitful and productive exchange of ideas and values. Perhaps they will walk beneath Hell's walls together[…] Perhaps he will even walk with her in the lands of the Replete, where abundance and plenty reign over all. A terrible fate!"
5000 - The Melancholy Curate and the Dashing Drownie"A happy union! Calamity! They shall be inseparable. The Curate shall long for the waves and find his longing returned. They shall say a priest zails with the phantom captain, that the zee has a holy terror in its depths. Catastrophic! Saccharine!"
6000 - The Melancholy Curate and the Hooded Lady"A happy union! Our dear friend will never find religion but she will find consolation with the Curate. And in her, he will find a meaning to his vocation that has thus far eluded him! Calamitous!"
7000 - Jervaise and the Roaming Replete"[…] Dreadful. Jervaise shall find a second soulmate, one he can bear his soul too in letters, and she a kindred spirit far from her homeland. They shall have fruitful discourse and visit each other, as time and my service allows. Dreadful. Loathsome!"
8000 - Jervaise and the Dashing Drownie"[…] Awful! Jervaise shall soothe the spirit of the Drownie, who will come to reside in Wolfstack waters to be near his friend. They shall have supper on the wharfs and drink at the quay behind the Blind Helmsman. Revolting! Not to be borne!"
9000 - Jervaise and the Hooded Lady"A happy union! Their joy in each other shall only multiply tenfold. Their marriage, renewed, reforged! An understanding after so many years achieved […] Such bliss as is permitted in this waking life, discovered! Oh, this is calamitous to our affairs!"

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