Sell a scrap of ivory organza

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From: The Feathered Dressmaker

Action Cost: 0

It is almost sacrilegious to sell it for shillings at the Rat-Market. But perhaps such things hold no purchase on you, save for the coin they can fetch.

Unlocked with A Rat for the Weekend, Scrap of Ivory Organza

Locked with Rat Market Saturation 800001


Corvid secrets

"The ravens in the Tower love this stuff. They use it to build their nests. But first, they stain it red; they dip it in something that isn't blood. A crimson colour that never fades."
RMS/100 0-325 375 500 625 650-1475 1500 1750 1775 1800+
Rat-Shillings 4125 4050 3800 3550 3500 3485 3185 3155 3125