Sell a whole bolt of parabola-linen

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From: The Feathered Dressmaker

Action Cost: 0

Enough for a sundress. Not that it could be worn under the sun.

Unlocked with A Rat for the Weekend, 5 x Parabola-Linen Scrap

Locked with Rat Market Saturation 800001



The Haberdasher runs a black beak over the whispering cloth, almost tasting it. "Sufficient. Supple. Neutral enough, for a thing of dreams." She ruffles her feathers in a wistful gesture.
RMS/100 0-325 375 500 625 650-1475 1500 1750 1775 1800+
Rat-Shillings 4125 4050 3800 3550 3500 3485 3185 3155 3125