Smuggle it to the ceiling

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From: Light Fingers: The Hybrid's Fate

Description summary:
The description depends on whether you Accepted Mr Fires' Ultimatum.

Did you accept Mr Fires' Ultimatum?Description
YesYou made a promise, and now you plan to break it. You've begun to plan a way to keep the Hybrid from Fires clutches.
NoYou'll risk a Master's wrath to do the right thing. You've thought of a way to keep Mr Fires from finding the Hybrid ever again.

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Unlocked with Accepted Mr Fires' Ultimatum (optional)


A bolt of inspiration

[…] you explain your plan. The others listen eagerly.

Dr Vaughan immediately agrees […]

[…] Clara is packing her things […] "I'll see you all on the other side […]

Now the plan, and the Hybrid, are in your hands. You should prepare to remove it from Parabola.

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