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From: At the Edge of Sleep, Again

This is the dream of settled marriage. Months have passed; maybe years.



Her life stretches back long before yours. She speaks often about friends and servants from the Fourth City, […] sometimes she names an Urchin after someone she loved […] But it is hard for you to join in her moods or offer any advice. […]

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  • Viricsmall.png A Viric trance remains to you for future nights. (Sets Dreaming in Viric to 1 - You have one more Viric dream coming to you, bought and paid for)
  • Sleepingsmall.png Your trance-dreams focus on a sometimes uncomfortably shared career. (Increases Subject of a Trance-Dream by 1)
  • Fistsmall.png You've gained 2 x Hard-Earned Lesson (uncapped)