Strike down the (Parabolan Quarry) here in (Quarry Home)

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From: Face the (Parabolan Quarry) in (Quarry Home)

You have the advantage of surprise. It has the advantage of territory.

Description summary:
The title changes with Parabolan Quarry. The the is absent for Mr Veils' aspects.

Parabolan QuarryQuarry Home
Focused Albatrossits Eyrie
Seven-Throated Warblerits Terraced Nest
Storm-birdits Cloud
Honey-Mazed Bearits Cave
Carnivorous Aurochsits Grassy Plain
Pinewood Sharkits Pool
Iron-Toothed Terror Birdits Clearing
Ushabti-Vesselits Hiding Place
Curator Mr Veilsits Howling and Windy Home
Surface Mr Veilsa Parisian Salon

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Wait in the shadow

It will arrive very soon. It is already approaching.
  • Island1small.png You have ambushed your Quarry at its Lair. (Sets Encounter Setting to 20 - Their Lair)

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