Support the Liberationists and build track through marshland

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From: The Next Stretch of Track

Outside the city limits, the Tracklayers can't buy their own lunches, and they need all that supplied. And then there's still slipping them a bit of gunpowder.

Unlocked with 5 x Perfumed Gunpowder, 3 x Railway Steel, Terrain Surveyed exactly 3, 10 x Crate of Incorruptible Biscuits

Locked with Tracklayers' Work Stoppage, Discovered: a Patch of Frozen Neath


Kind thanks

Furnace accepts your gifts – without a receipt[…]

A week or two after work has begun […] something unusual has turned up[...]

[...]icy coil of dead snake – or is it a large worm? […]Something with eyes and without scales[...]

"[...]a patch of frozen ground.[…]"

Description summary:
The workforce hit hard earth that is full of bizarre limbless things. They need the Board to pass an alternative work-plan.

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