Support the motion of the Wandering Gondolier regarding a route to Moulin

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From: Convene a Board Meeting of the Great Hellbound Railway

He's never had a proposal to make before, but he does now. He has heard things about this territory.

Game Instructions: This approach will be disapproved by those who side with Society and those who support the status quo. The Gondolier will of course vote for it himself.

Unlocked with Involved in a Railway Venture exactly 100, Total Board Membership (Aside From Yourself) 4, Board Member: The Wandering Gondolier

Locked with Terrain Surveyed, Delay until the Next Board Meeting, In Corporate Debt 6


Desolate territory

The Wandering Gondolier's information comes out in the form of ditties and rhymes […] Things about the land that watches you, about canals that lost their banks and became endless wide marshes […] Failed gondola expeditions from back before the First City.

Description summary:
The text above is preceded by another paragraph if the Efficient Commissioner is on the board. The Dean of Xenotheology also offers additional comments.

Board MemberRemark
Efficient CommissionerAs the proposal begins, everyone looks to the Efficient Commissioner – some dreading, others rather looking forward to a hysterical interruption […] None comes. She does not speak. […] her eyes are circled in darkness: she cannot be sleeping well.
Dean of Xenotheology"That must of course be metaphorical," says the Dean […] the Guild of Gondoliers cannot possibly predate the First City […]

The Wandering Gondolier shakes his head […] the guild was mostly devils then. And other things, they say."


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Conclusion: Take the vote and declare Victory

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