Take the vote and declare Victory 1000-1030

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Question before the BoardDescription
1000Success. You have taken a stand, and you've brought the board with you.
1010Success. You've brought the board round to the proposal made to favour the less-human.
1020Success. The Calendrical members of your board have made a suggestion, and you have found support for the resolution.
1030Success. The board members with a long memory and historical knowledge have made a proposal, and you've brought the board round to agree with them.
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From: Debating Matters of Business with the Board

(see table above)

Unlocked with Question before the Board 1000-1030 (1000, 1010, 1020, or 1030)

Locked with Uncommitted Board Members



(see table below)
Question before the BoardDescription
1000[…] The rest is paid from the corporate coffers. […] you will make no promises that might change size […] lest some Treachery distort the cost beyond recognition. You learned that much from the Efficient Commissioner's admonitions […]
1010The agreement offers some payments. […]as well: ritual courtesies and forms of address. The right to shift out from underneath the GHR's track if and when it becomes too itchy to endure. A certain number of vetoes over proposed station placement. […]
1020[…]also offers other things: […] oaths of allegiance in coming battles […] and […] nothing owed by the Bazaar will ever fall upon the GHR to pay off. It also expresses the understanding that Hell's Hinterland will […] always be in part the Creditor's domain.
1030The agreement concerns itself more with stories than with payments. It promises not to replicate the ills done under the First City. It tells of oaths made on the Surface and commitments that took place under the Fourth City. […]

With Question 1000:

With Question 1010, 1020, 1030:

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