The Hybrid's Humanity

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The Hybrid Moon-Miser has some of Clara in it. And, for that matter, some of you. Sometimes, its eyes are disconcertingly intelligent.

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Unlocked with

A Family Visit Description

1Clara cradles the child in her arms and bops it on its nose. It giggles, and the sound is startlingly human.
2Within the child's mandibles, its mouth is starting to develop lips. It goes and it coos, a sound more or less human.
3As Clara takes the child back from you, it reaches out and delicately grasps her finger. She flashes you a smile.
4The child's eyes (your eyes) are quick and lively. They follow you around the room, bright with innocence. It seems to have acquired a teddy-bear, which it drizzles lovingly in venom.
5The child's hands are bigger, stronger, more flexible (though each finger is still tipped by talons). It has started to grab anything within reach - sticks, books, Dr Vaughan's hair - simply for the tactile pleasure of it.
6The child totters around the cabin on segmented legs, delighting in its newfound ability to scuttle. It moves like a lobster or spider, but the arthropod veneer is broken when it looks up to you and laughs with joy.
7Something catches the child's attention: Hephaesta has wandered in and is making broad, silly faces. It laughs uproariously.
8"It spoke its first word the other day," says Clara proudly. "It said 'home,' and pointed to the ceiling." Dr Vaughan still looks as though she's in shock.
9 - 10"There's every indication that the Hybrid has interiority, empathy, a full spectrum of emotion," […] The child scuttles back and forth beneath the cosmogone sky, grabbing at butterflies. "It's growing up into a person. It deserves freedom. […]"