The Stainless Gloves

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From: The Maundering Rat's Stall

Action Cost: 0

A pair of gloves, pale as milk and bare as a lamb's fleece, newly shorn. There is a thin, translucent quality to the fabric, like a manuscript scraped clean.

Game Instructions: The gloves are Shadowy and Dangerous.

Unlocked with Direction of the Rat-Wind: is North (World Quality, now locked), Phase of the Rat-Moon: is Runny (World Quality, now available), The Rat Market is present (World Quality, now locked), 4000 x Rat-Shilling


The white that was not before

The silken gloves are so thin that the […] lamplight of the stall shines through them. A faint irrigo seeps through the fabric […]

"I remember I carried these as I entered that place. An offering. But they are not the same gloves, as I am not the same rat […]

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