The base matter of provisioning

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From: Repairs and Supplies

"Now, you're going to have to lay in some supplies. Maps, engine parts, and booze. Especially booze. You'll find what you need around the side streets of the Bazaar."

Game Instructions: Alternatively, you can convert Broken Giant to Cellars of Wine in your inventory, and acquire a Whirring Contraption or Collated Research in Wilmot's End.

Unlocked with 1 x Cellar of Wine, 1 x Whirring Contraption, 1 x Volume of Collated Research


All the supplies you can drink

The Naval Architect […] nods. "You can buy food closer to the time, but this wine should see you through a few voyages. Those engine spares... well, they'll do, I suppose. And that's a decent set of maps. […] Now, you have to think about crew..."

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