Treat with the Topsy King

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From: Ambition: Dealing with the Topsy King

His leverage is removed, for now. But he must be dealt with, before he stirs up any more trouble.

Unlocked with Ambition: Heart's Desire! exactly 340


Music in the air

The Topsy King is willing to treat, but not in the Flit, he says.[...] At last you hear stories of a ghost in Veilgarden: an abandoned theatre from which eery music emanates in the dead of night, the Alexandrian – there you will find the Topsy King.
  • Heartsdesiresmall.png You must deal with your opponent's bedevilling before you can continue in the Marvellous. (Sets Ambition: Heart's Desire! to 345 - An opponent is causing you mischief in London)

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