Turn against (the spiders)

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From: Return the Symposium to Deadlock

Description summary:
The title and description vary based on your Debate Angle.

Debate AngleTitleDescription
1Turn against the younger spidersTheir youth has made them arrogant. They lack wisdom, discard awkward facts, and incorrectly cite other scholars – suggesting a singular lack of comprehension not only of the concept of language, but the individual words they use to discuss it.
2Turn against the isolated titanThe titan is short-sighted, literally and figuratively. Perhaps, once, its words had weight, but now they are laboured and unpersuasive. Language, and the discussion surrounding it, has moved on. The titan has let itself become irrelevant.
3Turn against the 'most-eminent' scholarsThe 'most-eminent' scholars are called so only by themselves. This self-appellation suggests a limitation of viewpoint: labels can be powerful, but only if their meaning – and merit – is widely accepted.

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Affronted chittering, indistinguishable from applause

[…] This very moment, you are surrounded by thousands of […] spiders. […]

Perhaps some of the spiders appreciate your intervention. But certainly not all. It would be best to make a swift exit before they forget their rule: 'no meals in the debating chamber'.

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