The Spider Symposium (Guide)

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Carousels released with The Great Sink
Carousel Location
Clayman3.png Underclay Spite.png Spite
Gallblighter.png Hunting Bees in Old Newgate University.png The University
Rat.png L. B. Industries Wolfstack.png The Blind Helmsman
Neathroof.png The Sunken Embassy Ladybones.png Moloch Street
Spidertree.png The Spider Symposium Veilgarden.png The Singing Mandrake

The Spider Syposium is a carousel in Veilgarden.png The Singing Mandrake, released with Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out. It has a grind similar to Brawling with Dockers, and uses Spidertree.png Chelicerae Clicked in Applause as a progress quality. Each point of these have an assumed value of 0.1 Echoes, as well as a bonus of 1.5 Icon-echo.png for turning them in, although this takes 3 actions in addition to gaining the progress qualities. Any surplus points of Spidertree.png Chelicerae Clicked in Applause you may have are exchanged for a secondary reward. The activity focuses on Fox.png Persuasive.

Mortarboard.png The Academic Mood serves as a randomizer, similar to Clouds.png The Airs of London.

This carousel is currently the only source of Mortarboard.png Lost Research Assistants


Option Challenge Min for 100% Mortarboard.png Success Rare Success Failure
Suggest that thought shapes language Fox.png 50 Fox.png 84 Spidertree.png + 5  Spidertree.png + 15 
Posit that language makes reality Fox.png 180 Fox.png 299 Spidertree.png + 32  Spidertree.png + 34  Spidertree.png - 19 
Suggest that they define knowledge Fox.png 230 Fox.png 384 Spidertree.png + 34 
Pass the floor to a spider inadequately prepared for debate Fox.png 125 Fox.png 209 0-25 Spidertree.png + 24  Spidertree.png + 34 
Probe them on the nature of truth Fox.png 125 Fox.png 209 0-49 Spidertree.png + 15  Spidertree.png + 34  Spidertree.png - 19 
Suggest that language shapes thought Fox.png 125 Fox.png 209 50-100 Spidertree.png + 15-32  Spidertree.png + 34  Spidertree.png - 19 


Option Cost Reward Secondary reward
Accept a Volume of Collated Research Spidertree.png 10 Library.png 1 x  Volume of Collated Research Silk.png Silk Scrap
Accept some handma— some silk Spidertree.png 60 Silk.png Silk Scrap
Accept the contents of a small cocoon Spidertree.png 110 Silk.png Silk Scrap
Accept the contents of a large cocoon Spidertree.png 235 Silk.png Silk Scrap
Accept some of the finest linen Spidertree.png 610 Scrap4.png 1 x  Parabola-Linen Scrap Silk.png Silk Scrap