Undermine your spouse

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From: A Request from your Spouse

You'll see them in Court, but you won't approach the bench calmly.

Unlocked with Your Spouse's Requests for a Peaceful Testimony [friend]

Your friend needs Requesting your Spouse's Cooperation in Court [you], Espoused to [you], Pursuing a divorce

When Sent

The best laid plans

[…] Your spouse[…] offers the Judge a practical argument as to why your divorce would be of benefit to you both […] you turn to your partner and unleash a barrage of insults and accusations. The Court is stunned[…]

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In Messages Tab

You will receive:

The Judge will remember your testimony for years to come. As will your spouse.

Your friend will receive:

Your spouse appeared in Court today, and unleashed a torrent of unkindness on you. The Judge seems sympathetic.