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Forget Light: Memory of Light-less Parabola (AKA ParabolaSkip)[edit]


Prelude/Getting Hillmovers

  • Buy the Silk Clad Expert, with 30 Fate
    • This researcher will generate our Parabolan research


or (requires Whitsun)

From here, the Hillmovers are the important bottleneck resource to get to Balmoral

  • Use the Hillmovers to upgrade Lab to Level 5 (3 required)
  • Use the Hillmovers when laying through Hilly Land (optional towards Evenlode with the Monkprince Hills Route, necessary towards Balmoral) (8 required, when not supporting Liberationists)

Then, Install an enormous mirror in your Cabinet Noir. Note that Slip through the mirror doesn't require Access to a Parabolan Base-Camp, and slipping through it bypasses the Access to a Parabolan Base-Camp requirement on An Unattended Mirror.