"Fish! Who'll buy my fine blind fish?"

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From: Visitors at Hallowmas

A Tomb-Colonist in a toque waits on your threshold with a covered tray. His face is hidden, of course, but somehow you have the impression of a beaming smile.

Game Instructions: This option will purchase a fish. Perhaps that's something you'd like to do.

Unlocked with Banknotes.png 150 x Penny, Sidebarmakingwaves.png Making Waves 5, Sidebarnightmares.png Nightmares 5


A Snack?

The Poissonier's bandages look vaguely familiar. "Yes," he admits, "I cook for Mallerby's, in Veilgarden. But an old friend called in an old favour. So tonight, I serve: the freshest of fish!"

"[…]I hope you'll find it useful. If not edible.[…]"

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