(Side) for the defendant in a civil suit of Gondoliers against a Society Matron

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How was she supposed to know what would happen?

Description summary:
The title of this action varies based on Second Airs For CourtRoom.

Second AirsTitle
1 - 50Fight a dishonest case
51 - 100Justly argue

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Game Instructions: Success in this case will offer an empty Mirrorcatch Box and other rewards. The total value of the endeavour is affected by your level of Renown: Society.

Unlocked with Barrister of the Evenlode 10


A mistaken delivery

The Gondoliers claim that the matron hired them to deliver a package [...], but that she refused to pay when the goods arrived.


"I didn't ask for a dead body," she says. "Much less one in that condition, and wearing a puce waistcoat!" [...]

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