...blow up the Bazaar

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From: Ambition: Heart's Desire - Mr Pages

Action Cost: 5

It is the one thing the Masters cannot do without. But first, you will require the right sort of friends; friends who have particular needs.

Unlocked with Heartsdesire.png Ambition: Heart's Desire! exactly 170, Flames.png 5 x Favours: Revolutionaries, Bookdead.png 1 x Diary of the Dead, Document.png 3 x Bazaar Permit


Hatching the plot

You have acquired […] diary that belonged to a previous January of the Calendar Council.[…] several Lost Cells - revolutionary cadres[…].

[…] you intimate that you are their January's replacement.

[…] there is an impatient knocking at your door.[…]

Description summary:
Through the learning and knowledges written by the previous January you find cells of Revolutionaries who had been forgotten through switches of power, performing tasks no long useful. Taking over one of these cells by pretending to be January's replacement, you use Bazaar Permits to get them access to the Bazaar. One night when you are planning, there is a knock on your door. They jump out your window.

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