A Confession of the Bishop of St Fiacre's (review)

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From: Review your Confessions!

Action Cost: 0

Succinct, raw and honest. A few of the words are smeared, as if they become damp before the confession was sealed.

Unlocked with Bishopofstfiacres.png 1 x The Bishop of St Fiacre's' Confession


Blood on his hands

The Bishop of St Fiacre's reports regularly to Eradication Officers. […] He feels particular pain when he must give them information on members of his family. […] His confession is about the ease with which he can sometimes hand over a cousin. […]

Description summary:
Apparently, the Bishop tattle-tales on other snuffers who have become a threat to other Londoners. He worries that he might be picking those whom he does not like.

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