A Fourth City Eyeball, made by the Motherlings

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From: Mr Mirrors' Marquee

Donated by London's urchins, in exchange, they say 'for a bit of consideration with the shoutin' and campaignin' while we're trying to sleep'.

Game Instructions: The Eyeball is a hat which raises Watchful, Respectable and Player of Chess.

Locked with Mirrors.png Fourth City Eyeball


An attentive heap

[…] a pile of eyeballs […] bleary eyed urchin says. "The Forgotten Quarter […]"

A valuer suggest that it was created by the Motherlings[…] Worn over the eye, its gleam conveys assertiveness and insight. […]

Description summary:
The gift is one of many eyeballs, gathered by urchins at the Forgotten Quarter. An appraiser mentions that the eyeballs are most likely works of artifice by the Motherlings, a Fourth City faction who were fond of spiders. Using the eyeball as an eye-piece unnerves people and makes the wearer more assertive.

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