A Hunter of Zee-Beasts

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How many strange creatures of the Zee have you pursued?

This quality has no recorded uses.

Level Descriptions

1 - 2: You have hunted a zee-beast
3 - 4: You have hunted several zee-beasts
5 - 6: You have hunted enough zee-beasts to stain your deck a rusty red
7 - 9: You have hunted enough zee-beasts to crash the market for stygian ivory
10 - 24: You have hunted so many beasts that your biography could be a bestiary of the Unterzee's monstrosities
25 - 49: You have hunted so many zee-beasts that zailors invoke your name as synonymous with death
50 - 76: Your expertise in nautical abominations is such that Benthic College has bestowed upon you the title of Honorary Consulting Zoologist
77 - 124: A small but vocal group of concerned ecologist are protesting for the 'prevention of cruelty to marine life' at the docks. Presumably they've never faced a lifeberg
125 - 199: You are the terror of the zee. The waters swirl wine-red and peligin around your vessel
200 - 776: Your continued survival is a statistical abnormality. Rumours abound that you are beloved by one of the Gods of the Zee
777+: Who rules the waters? At last there is an answer. The horrors of the zee cower from your hull's creeping shadow