A Mingling of Many Voices

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From: The Legacy of Furnace Ancona, The Legacy of The Double of the Manager of the Royal Beth , or The Legacy of Your Own Double

Prehistoricists, Liberationists, and Emancipationists all are gathered here, in varying proportions.

Unlocked with All Fist.png Supporting the Emancipationist Tracklayers, Black.png Supporting the Liberationist Tracklayers and Bone15.png Supporting the Prehistoricist Tracklayers), but not one greater than the sum of the other two


Rebel's Erewhon / Masters' Bethlehem

(see table below)

Success Instructions: In coming weeks, opportunity cards in the Upper River and in London will reflect the consequence of what has happened here. You will have a chance to speak to those who might still have things to say. For the moment, Marigold awaits you.

Starshine.png Hinterland City - Founding Body Effect
Furnace, Starved Everywhere you look is something born from your own thoughts. Here is a building with the same curious wrought-iron fence that stood outside your first lodgings. […] This sill is arched exactly like the brow of someone dear to you. […]
Furnace There are few long vistas […] few places that recommend themselves as a seat of power. The streets are terraced at many levels[…] one cozy courtyard after another, every one inviting the passer-by to sit on a bench and enjoy this chance-found rest.
Manager The Manager […] knew many shapes of fear and dread[…] the city knows them too. […]

No one will […] attack the city and claim it for themselves[…]

All that is still forming […]Interests shift; powers realign. […] There are things not said between you and Furnace[…]

Your Double Everywhere you look is something born from your own thoughts.[…]

But this is not Parabola. It is not your own dream-place. Other people live here. […]