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Description summary:
Description text changes based on level of A Philosophical Courtship

A Philosophical CourtshipDescription
1The Roguish Semiotician and the Infamous Mathematician – two of the Neath's most reckless academics – seem to have taken an interest in you, between their frequent assignations with each other. Perhaps you should reciprocate?
2 - 4You are gaining the confidence and affection of two unorthodox academics: the Roguish Semiotician and the Infamous Mathematician.
5You find the Semiotician and the Mathematician holding a tense discussion [...] the Principal of Benthic intends to sack them both. Was it the constant intrigues? [...] proscribed ideas? Her singing operettas [...]? [...]they are plotting how to escape such a fate.
6The Rogue Semiotician and the Infamous Mathematician are rarely seen apart from each other, or from you.

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Unlocked with A Philosophical Courtship 1-7

Storylet appears in The University

A Philosophical Courtship 1-4

Bring them a mystery
Sample the pleasures of Veilgarden
Intrigue against academic rivals

A Philosophical Courtship 5

Pull a great many strings

A Philosophical Courtship 6

Ring silver.png
Suggest a permanent arrangement