A Transaction with Mr Fires

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From: A Conversation with Mr Fires

You have its gratitude, for what that's worth. You could entreat it to supply something from the Factory.

Game Instructions: This will exchange your Edicts of the First City for an Oil of Companionship, a Salve of Righteousness, and some Crystallised Euphoria, as well as a little Connected: The Masters, unless your Connected: The Masters is greater than 10.

Unlocked with A Kitten-Sized Diamond, Liberated from the Mountain, Edicts of the First City


Stronger connection

You describe what has come into your possession in vague terms; Mr Fires does not need much detail to understand. […]

[…] Neddy-men blithely collect […] the tablet […] They leave behind another crate, […] But the real value […] is the continued gratitude of a Master.

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