A Trick of the Light

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From: Deploy a Gambit 2

Everyone knows that if you turn a mirror to the correct angle, it will give forewarning of assaults. Well, not everyone. And they often forget which angle.

Game Instructions: This prevents your opponent from using the Confront attack. If they try to use the Confront attack, they'll know what Gambit you chose and can try something else...
[Wiki note: Your opponent won't be able to attack with Savage!. If they try to do so you won't appear in their list.]

Unlocked with 1 x Memory of Light

When Sent

Argent precision

Mirrors are the triple weapons of the game. They deceive; they reflect; and they may, in the last resort, be used to carve out the unwitting jugular.

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

You have played a Gambit against [Friend]. They know you've played a Gambit, but not which one...

Your friend will receive:

[Friend] has played a Gambit in your hunt-duel! This may have increased their abilities, made them immune to a particular attack, or set a trap for you. Check the Gambits choice to see what options are possible...