A Visit from Virginia

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"[…] curious about the city. […] The soul-transformation of [Body] […] further than a mere spa could achieve."

[…] she wants her […] contributions […] remembered. […] Hinterlandcity.png [City Name] would not exist, had she not made […] arrangements for the GHR?

[…] you might be owed […] something […] for cultivating the city […].

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Game Instructions: No new possibilities will be unlocked by raising Hinterland Prosperity higher than it is now.

Unlocked with Hinterland Prosperity 156250, Habituated to the Hinterland

Locked with The City Waning 8

Card drawn in The City of the Tracklayers

Occurs with Abundant Frequency (5 x as common as Standard)

Can not be discarded except by effects clearing your hand.


Request connections
Request a trophy from a shared enemy
Request a seed of the cedar