A city of precise and equal balance

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From: The Legacy of The Double of the Manager of the Royal Beth, The Legacy of Furnace Ancona, Starved, or The Legacy of Cornelius

The city is exactly equal in its Emancipationist, Liberationist, and Prehistoricist contributions.

Unlocked with Bone15.png Supporting the Prehistoricist Tracklayers = Black.png Supporting the Liberationist Tracklayers = Fist.png Supporting the Emancipationist Tracklayers


Barrow Absence / Rebel's Stockbone

All that is still forming. The city is not yet itself. Interests shift; powers realign. It remains to be seen how the city gets on with its neighbours. But now there is work to do.

Description summary:
(Preceding passages depend on who is the city)

Question.png Title (City's Origin) (Preceding Passages)
Barrow Absence (Furnace, Starved) (none)
Cornelius This is a city that envisions many non-human inhabitants[…]

[…]great brass orrery with working wheels, representing the travel of planets and suns. […]

[…]Hillchanger Tower, shown here as an animate building bent down to shake hands with a giant tomb-colonist.

Question.png If Furnace is not the city (Statement about aftermath with Furnace)
Furnace is unchanged There are things not said between you and Furnace – about what you have done, and why you have done it, and about whether old wounds are now healed.

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Success Instructions: In coming weeks, opportunity cards in the Upper River and in London will reflect the consequence of what has happened here. You will have a chance to speak to those who might still have things to say. For the moment, Marigold awaits you.