A fragile flake of vellum

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From: Unpredictable Treasures

It is marked with spidery signs in a language you almost recognise. […] You ask around. […] More than one suggests the name of the Dean of Cryptospelunking & Transportable Antiquities.

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Unlocked with Box.png Uncovering an Unpredictable Treasure 80–89


Wary wisdom

The Dean flattens the vellum scrap against her desk […]

She breaks off […] "This is not safe information," she says flatly. "I have no intention of translating the remainder. […] For the protection of us both. […]"

Description summary:
The Dean of Cryptospelunking translates the leathery parchment. She tells you of the place called Parabola, and of The Judgements who decide what is... and Parabola's citizens who are determined Is-Not. According to her translation sunlight destroys these citizens, whilst the light of stars corrodes them. She goes on to say that dreams come by night, having thrived in the Neath. She begins to say more about The Judgements but she stops herself from uttering another word of the searing enigmatic lore. Telling you it's unsafe to say more, she burns the parched page by candle flame and assures you that it's better for the both of you.

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