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From: The Numismatrix has sent you a message!

"..at eight of the clock, in the copse of petrified cherry trees in Tyrant's Gardens. Please be prompt." Best go wrapped up warm. And armed.


Coins and games and sides

"[…] discuss coins […] Echoes […] Reflections of the first currency ever used by the Bazaar. […]

"[…] First City Coins? […] represent something ancient […]

"[…] other coins […] Each is a promise to pay[…] If it's a game you want […] choose a side..."

Description summary:
The Numismatrix explains that Echoes and First City Coins are both token representations of ancient and occult currencies, only a few of which actually exist any more. While the Masters of the Bazaar won't touch the one, they gamble with the other. Fallen London has other currencies which are not all physical coins, but signs that a debt will be collected. All factions covet these.

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