Abandon pursuit of the Parabolan Quarry

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From: Pursuing the Parabolan Quarry

You're not ready. This is too difficult. [See table below]

Description summary:
The option text varies with your prey.

Parabolan QuarryDescription
10 - Focused AlbatrossConsider the impossible structure of its body — no chest, no feet, just two wings like sails joined at the center, with a head that sometimes isn't there. This is not an animal one can shoot or lasso.
20 - Seven-Throated WarblerIts song is too familiar. And the lyrics! How does it enunciate, with those beaks?
30 - Storm-birdIt is very, very cold. You can feel the chill even from a distance.
100 - Honey-Mazed BearEven sane bears are alarming. This is not a sane bear.
110 - Carnivorous AurochsYou brought it out of the egg. You will have to hope that inspires loyalty, because the horns are very long.
200 - Pinewood SharkIt has rows and rows and rows of teeth. Perhaps the dreaming Zailor should face this menace on his own.
300 - Iron-Toothed Terror BirdYou brought it out of the egg. Remember this, when you see the light flashing from its metal teeth.
400 - Ushabti-VesselIt is not large, nor strong. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in malice.
1000 - Curator Mr VeilsThere are too many jaws and too many teeth.

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You turn aside

Your camp was back... this way, wasn't it?