Airs of Parabola

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How does the air smell here? Like a lullabye?

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Jungle.png Airs of Parabola
1 A spotted flank among the trees. It's there, then gone.
2 Through the foliage, you spot a buttered scone the size of a mattress.
3 The tree to your left sighs pointedly and walks away.
4 A bird lands in front of you and pulls the fragments of an eggshell up around itself. In a moment, it is encased.
5 Your skin glows warm with cosmogone rays.
6 A cloud forms behind you and follows you, always two paces behind.
7 The path becomes a vast serpent, and crawls away.
8 Buried in the glass is a hand-mirror. Look into it, and you can see a factory full of Clay Men.
9 A cow rages at you from behind a tree. When you go to look, it is ashamed of itself, and apologises for the strength of its language.
10 – 19 A spotted flank among the trees. It's there, then gone.
20 – 29 It has begun to snow feathers.
30 – 39 The grass reproves you for stepping on it. Its accent is hard to place. Hungarian?
40 – 49 A parade of spiders strolls past you. One waves. Two others are carrying a banner in support of the cultivation of flies.
50 – 59 The wind is in a foul mood.
60 – 69 Your left knee has begun to sing a walking-song.
70 – 79 There are fish in the air, flocking as birds would.
80 – 89 When you breathe, the air is slow to come out of your lungs again. It pools inside like caramel.
90 – 94 Something is walking behind you.
95 – 98 Something is walking behind you exactly in your footsteps. Do not turn around.
99 – 100 Your clothes grow moody and talk amongst themselves.