Accept the creature's help

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From: Ambition Nemesis – A Guardian (2)

The moor is vast; the starlit vault vaster still. This creature might speed your journey. Its snout wrinkles in entreaty. "Tell me secrets," it whispers, "We used to know so many. Let us remember what we were."

Unlocked with Ambition: Nemesis exactly 220, 1 x Night-Whisper, 3 x Antique Mystery


The left behind

[…] "A long time gone," it says. "Perfidy. Treachery. Anarchy.

[…] The wind is hungry. Used to be tamed; […] mine. Now free and angry. […] It will try to take yourself from you. […] "I can show you a way."

[…] A wretched sign has been planted into a crossroads.

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