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From: Balmoral As Before

His expression is wild, haunted. "The sky," he whispers, "I ne'er thought I'd see it again."

Unlocked with A Friend of September exactly 1


The red banner of September

Together you stand in the woods and listen to the cries of the army gathered beyond the river. […] And always, mournful laments for Lost September. […]

"I'm dead," he whispers. "But no." He shakes his head. "Let's away. […] I am no that man here."

Description summary:
Together with September, who has been Moonlit as much as you, you witness an armed revolution taking place in the woods of Balmoral that could have happened in the Fallen London universe. This revolution was incited when the alternate September was captured and killed by the Empress' forces, and after the Empress was exiled to Balmoral, September's followers vowed to get revenge in his name and marched north.

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