Moonlit Woods (Guide)

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The Moonlit Woods is unlocked once you've elected Balmoral's Castellan in Balmoral. In order to enter the woods you will need to spend Vital Intelligence twice. If you have The Seal of St Joshua, you may alternatively use 4 x Volume of Collated Research (a total of 8) as a substitute. This should get you 14 Time Remaining in the Woods, which should be more than enough for what you want to do.

The main two qualities for the Moonlit Woods are Moonlit and On the Scent. Moonlit allows you to access more of the woods as well as other actions elsewhere, while On the Scent can be used to gain various observations. You can then give the observations to the Marigold Menagerie Keeper for rewards. You always lose any remaining On the Scent and Time Remaining in the Woods when you leave the woods or make an observation. Moonlit carries over, but you do lose the 5 Moonlit when cashing in via Track your quarry.

When entering, you arrive at The Moon-Seared Paths, from where you can get to either The Wispish Fringe or Silvered Glades. With Moonlit 5 you can also enter Balmoral As Before

Gain progress[edit]

Option Challenge / Item Cost Success Failure Location
Wander the woods A Player of Chess 4 On the Scent 2 The Wispish Fringe
Lay a trail 4 x Unprovenanced Artefact N/A The Wispish Fringe
Wander the glades A Player of Chess 6 Silvered Glades
Darken the wood 3 x Thirsty Bombazine Scrap N/A Silvered Glades

Cash in Progress[edit]

Option Requirements Effect Location Cash-in-reward Total Value
Track your quarry Observation: Fox Balmoral As Before 81 Echoes
Track down the Capercaillie On the Scent 12 Observation: Grouse The Wispish Fringe 72 Echoes
Locate the source of the roaring On the Scent 20 Observation: Red Deer Silvered Glades 85 Echoes

Other uses for Moonlit[edit]