Add more plaques to the stove 2

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From: Offices of the Tracklayer's Union: Hurlers Branch

Not just any fuel can keep a fire burning around here.

Unlocked with Lawfurnace.png Hurlers Thermal Development, Black.png Hurlers: Darkness, Scrawl1.png 7 x Correspondence Plaques, Flames.png Stoking the Stove exactly 7


Blazing brighter

Good lord! It's an inferno! […] It's coming away from the wall! […] don't let it get outside!

[…] You watch it disappear over a hill.

That might have been seven too many Correspondence Plaques.

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Success Instructions: In order to re-illuminate the station, you will need to hunt down the rampaging potbelly stove in your Opportunity Deck on the Upper River. Oh right, and for public safety too.