Adopt a Protégé

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From: Deal with matters of Patronage!

Perhaps you intend to benefit from their progress. Or perhaps you're just nice.

Locked with Social Influence 94

Your friend needs Approached as a Potential Protege [you] 0, Acquainted With [you], A Patron of... [you] 0, A Protégé of... [you] 0, Social Influence below 94

When Sent

A gracious offer!

If they don't accept it, they probably don't deserve it.

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

You invited [friend] to become your Protégé.

Your friend will receive:

  • Couplesmall.png
    [Your name] has invited you to become their Protégé. This will allow them to tutor you, improving your abilities more quickly. Perhaps their help has a price; but you can always reject them later, and you can have more than one Patron.
  • Couplesmall.png Approached as a Potential Protege is increasing… ([your name] (1))
  • Redirects to: Invited to be a Protege