Ambush your opponent!

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From: Hunting in the Moon League

Come at them from the shadows! You'll have the advantage of surprise... unless they've prepared a counter-ambush.

Game Instructions: This is an Elusive! contest. If your opponent is using the Flight to the Flit Gambit, they will be immune to this attack and won't appear in the target list. If you win an Ambush, you may steal your opponent's Knife-and-Candle weaponry - if you lose, they'll steal yours...

Unlocked with Elusive! 1, Making your Moves 4, Gambit: Benjamin's Friends no, Waiting your Turn? not, You are Locked in a Hunt with a friend

Challenge with Elusive!

Once Chosen

Hours in darkness

Did you win, or lose? Find out below...


Ambush, counter-ambush, a desperate pursuit above and below ground: and now [friend] lies dead at your feet. They're going to be cross. (Their form was [form], and their Elusive was [value].)


You fought [friend] through an hour of ambush and counter-ambush and athletic murder: but in the moment your attention was distracted, they struck. Damn it! (Their form was [form], and their Elusive was [value].) 

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