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A guardian of the people! A defender of freedom! Well, perhaps.

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Level 1[edit]

Levels 2-6[edit]

Level 7[edit]

Level 8[edit]

Level 9[edit]

Levels 10-14[edit]


  1. Looking for Premises
  2. Journalists Wanted
  3. Journalists Wanted
  4. Journalists Wanted
  5. Journalists Wanted
  6. Journalists Wanted
  7. Spinning the Presses
  8. Spinning the Presses
  9. Spinning the Presses
  10. A Humble Servant of Truth
  11. A Wealthy Baron of the Press
  12. A Hound for Truth
  13. Pleasing Yourself
  14. Making the Truth


First, you will need the following to arrange space to house your newspaper's working space:

After reserving space, you will need to hire on various employees to write and edit articles. Hiring professionals will require items, while friends will require you to have relationships with specific characters.

An Editor of Newspapers Recruit your friends Hire a professional
2 Intimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand 1 1 x Cellar of Wine
3 Corresponding Ocelot FATE 1 x Ornate Typewriter
4 Educating Lyme 1 1 x Strong-Backed Labour
5 Acquaintance: the Wry Functionary 3 1 x Comprehensive Bribe
6 An Intimate of Devils 5 1 x Portfolio of Souls

Finally, you must give your newspaper a name, and decide why you created it in the first place.

Once you've established your own newspaper, see Publishing a Newspaper (Guide) for how to print an edition.