Publishing a Newspaper (Guide)

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Publishing a Newspaper Summary
Fixed-Length Activity
Setup Progress End
1 A 11 A 1 A


Gain Meritorious Copy/ Outlandish Copy/ Salacious Copy.
Items Inputs/Outputs
Raw EPA 3.87 Raw SPA -

Starting a newspaper[edit]

Once you become A Person of Some Importance and reach Shadowy 110, you'll be able to begin your journey toward being An Editor of Newspapers by talking with the urchin on your roof or by drawing The Start of the Day's Business. Both starting points will allow you to travel to Doubt Street, albeit with a fee of 200 Silk Scrap for each visit until you finish staffing your newspaper.

Once you're in Doubt Street, you will need the following to arrange space to house your newspaper's working space:

After reserving space, you will need to hire on various employees to write and edit articles. Hiring professionals will consume items, while friends will require you to have relationships with specific characters.

An Editor of Newspapers Recruit your friends Hire a professional
2 Intimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand 1 1 x Cellar of Wine
3 Corresponding Ocelot FATE 1 x Ornate Typewriter
4 Educating Lyme 1 1 x Strong-Backed Labour
5 Acquaintance: the Wry Functionary 3 1 x Comprehensive Bribe
6 An Intimate of Devils 5 1 x Portfolio of Souls

Finally, you must give your newspaper a name, and decide why you created it in the first place.

Once you have your own newspaper (i.e. An Editor of Newspapers - at least 10), you can work on publishing a new edition. Start the process by going to Doubt Street and Get those blasted things running, which will give you 12 x Hour before the Deadline (it costs 1 x Whirring Contraption, which can be obtained in Wilmot's End by searching for a Missing Woman). See below for various options you can try at different levels of this quality. Based on the options, you'll start collecting 3 types of Copy: Meritorious, Outlandish, and Salacious.

Once Hour before the Deadline reaches 1, it's time to Start the presses! and choose the type of edition you want to print. The edition types available to you will depend on how many of each type of Copy you've managed to collect.



Each action here drops Hour before the Deadline by 1.

Hour Option Meritorious Outlandish Salacious
12 The Editor's Privilege The voice of the streets (+8) The predator beneath (+8) Passion in the wings (+8)
11 Send out the Reporters Covering the Bishop and the candles (+12) A travelogue of the Hinterlands (+12, Station at Jericho Locks) Writing today's 'Jack' column (+12)
10 Fresh copy A story about devils (+12) An in-depth report on the Fourth City (+12) A risqué story about spies (+12, Renown: The Great Game 40)

A suggestive story about your Elongated Spindlewolf (+12, Elongated Spindlewolf)

9 The Editorial Voice An attack on a rival disguised as public concern (+12, Mithridacy 1 challenge, 100% at 6) Interview the Manager of the Royal Bethlehem (+12) A treatise on Tomb Colonist poetry (+12)
8 The Meeting Room A Disgruntled Naval Officer (+12) The Hell-Scarred Gondolier (+12, Hell-Scarred Gondolier) A Gossipy Lecturer (+12)
7 Wading through the Slush Pile Something worthy about a philanthropic endeavour (+12) Something unlikely about the Home Secretary (+12) Something steamy about life at the University (+12, Teaching Reputation of Your Laboratory 20)
6 Photographs and Letters Palaeontological illustrations (+12, Route: The Bone Market) Letters from Downside (+12) Photographs of the Gardens (+12, Rare Success gives 12 x Inkling of Identity)
5 The Centre Page spread An exposé on the dangers of Absinthe (+12) - The scantily-dressed rituals of the Southern Archipelago (+12)
4 Filling in before the Sports Pages An alarming lack of leadership from Parliament (+12) An interview with a colourful character (+12) A column revealing certain facts about an acquaintance (+24, Social Slight, requires 5 Scrap of Incendiary Gossip)
3 Deadline Approaching - Spirit photography (+12) The Captivating Princess and her honey den (+12)
2 The Temptations of Power Dishonest outrage (+12) Do you have insufficient balderdash? (+12) The interception of scandal (+12 and 2 x Sulky Bat)
Honest, no matter what (+3 to each type, -1 CP Scandal, and +3 CP Steadfast)
Employ a little theatrical accountancy (-3 to each type, gives 500 x Rostygold)
1 Start the presses! -

Research on a Morbid Fad[edit]

With 60 Meritorious copy, one may instead make an edition on bones. This requires Research on a Morbid Fad.

For acquiring all possible research, you need:

All options in total provide 6 research with a potential reward of 98 Survey of the Neath's Bones. In addition, you will earn several bones.


In addition to the below rewards, all of the editions requiring 60 or 104 of a specific type of Copy (except the Expose of Paleontology) will give 1 CP to Defender of Truth -, Prophet of the Gutter -, or Cardinal of Conspiracy -.

While reading the table below, please note:

Repeatable options
Requirements Edition Rewards Echo Value / EPA
n/a A rather poor edition 45 E / 2.432 EPA
A balanced edition
  • 59.9 E / 3.238 EPA
  • = 62E in
  • + 0.4E in
  • - 2.5E in
Publish a seditious edition
  • 58.1 E / 3.085 EPA[1]
  • = 53.5E in
  • + 4.2E in
  • + 0.4E in
60 x Meritorious An edition of edification and pleasing truth Min: 50 E / 2.7 EPA

Max: 62 E / 3.351 EPA

60 x Salacious A gossipy and tantalising edition
  • Min: 59.9 E / 3.238 EPA
  • = 62E in
  • + 0.4E in
  • - 2.5E in
  • Max: 71.9 E / 3.886 EPA
  • = 74E in
  • + 0.4E in
  • - 2.5E in
60 x Outlandish An edition brimming with entertaining nonsense Min: 50 E / 2.7 EPA

Max: 62 E / 3.351 EPA

104 x Meritorious An edition brimming with truth and wisdom 69 E / 3.73 EPA[2]
104 x Salacious The tawdry secrets of the famous laid bare!
  • Min: 66.9 E / 3.616 EPA
  • = 59E in
  • + 10E in
  • + 0.4E in
  • - 2.5E in
  • Max: 71.5 E / 3.865 EPA
  • = 59E in
  • + 10E in
  • + 5E in
  • - 2.5E in
104 x Outlandish The finest kind of madness 69 E / 3.73 EPA[2]
Publish an Expose of Palaeontology Min: 46 x Surveys

Max: 98 x Surveys (with )

Max: 85 x Surveys (without )

  1. 1 action required to cash in the revolutionary favours is accounted for in EPA
  2. 2.0 2.1 This edition is not achievable without late mid-game qualities

NOTE: Some options only available with certain story choices, such as one during Ambition: Heart's Desire! and during A Survivor of the Affair of the Box are not listed here. The seasonal Whitsun edition is also not listed.

Non-repeatable options
Requirements Edition Rewards
Publish an edition in Defence of the Railway
Elaborate upon your Defence of the Railway