Appeal to the respectable

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From: Choose the direction of your campaign

Action Cost: 0

Your campaign will command the public's respect. [Respectable description]

Description summary:
The description varies based on your level of Respectable.

0 - 2You, of course, know little about being Respectable, but perhaps someone can advise you.
3 - 6You are Respectable enough that this will inform your approach.
7 - 9Your own Respectability will be a considerable asset.
10+You are so Respectable yourself that this approach will play to your strengths.

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Kid gloves

"Oh, I know all about appearing respectable, […] You have to reassure those in power that you aren't a threat; that you don't covet what they think is theirs. […] I've spent my life convincing powerful people that I wish to uphold the status quo." […]

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