Arbor: Permission to Linger

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How long do you have left in the City of Roses?

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Unlocked with

Level Change Descriptions[edit]

5+: You have permission to linger in Arbor for some time.
3-4: You have some time left in Arbor before you will be asked to leave.
2: Your have a little time to spend in Arbor.
1: You don't have very much time in Arbor.
0: Your time in Arbor comes to a close.

Storylet Text Variations[edit]

Every storylet in Arbor, of the Roses has a passage that describes the level of Permission that the player character has remaining.

2-7: You have permission to stay in Arbor for some time yet.
1: Your time in Arbor is slipping away.
0: Your time in Arbor has come to an end. Perhaps you'll return in dreams.