Arbor: Permission to Linger

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How long do you have left in the City of Roses?

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Unlocked with


7: The City of Roses guards access to itself zealously. Visitors only have so long before they must leave

Level Change Descriptions

5+: You have permission to linger in Arbor for some time.
3-4: You have some time left in Arbor before you will be asked to leave.
2: Your have a little time to spend in Arbor.
1: You don't have very much time in Arbor.
0: Your time in Arbor comes to a close.

Storylet Text Variations

Every storylet in Arbor, of the Roses has a passage that describes the level of Permission that the player character has remaining.

Arbor: Permission to LingerDescription
2-7You have permission to stay in Arbor for some time yet.
1Your time in Arbor is slipping away.
0Your time in Arbor has come to an end. Perhaps you'll return in dreams.