Arrange a poisoning

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From: Respond to a social slight

They're the kind who might take a sip of anything that's handed to them.

Unlocked with Services of an Assassin: The Polite Poisoner, Slighted! (them)

Your friend needs Slighted! (you)

When Sent


The polite poisoner has a hefty leather bag, not entirely unlike a physician's – in appearance, if not in content. She snaps it shut with a loud clack, and hurries off to track her quarry.

Success Instructions: Your target will eventually encounter the Poisoner through an opportunity card.

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

[Friend's name] will rue the day they slighted you. They will soon encounter the Polite Poisoner!

Your friend will receive:

[Name] has responded in kind: They have hired an assassin!