Arrange an interview with your Minacious Union-Rat

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From: The Hallowmas Edition 1895

He has opinions on working arrangements. He has ideas for change. Huffam should hear this.

Unlocked with 1 x Minacious Union-Rat

Locked with His Amused Lordship's Confession, The Ambitious Barrister's Confession, The Bishop of St Fiacre's' Confession, The Cheery Man's Confession, The Jovial Contrarian's Confession, The Melancholy Curate's Confession, The Veteran Privy Councillor's Confession, Feducci's Favour


A many-pointed list

Your rat […] leaps onto Huffam's desk and begins a tirade: about safety, pay, hours. […] Huffam sighs and takes a seat. […] The next Gazette contains an article […] several paragraphs in that it clarifies that it is speaking of working rats.

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