The Hallowmas Edition 1895

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Mr Huffam […] has dusted off his old notebook to interview Hallowmas revellers. He's […] interested in meeting any individuals who've found themselves altered […] might be able to discreetly dispose of any confessions still in circulation.

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Game Instructions: Trade your Confessions for rewards, before arranging an interview with your companions for a mention in the Hallowmas edition of the Unexpurgated Gazette. Will you be a footnote, or a headline?
WARNING: You only get to choose one interview. Choose carefully.

Locked with The Unexpurgated Gazette: Hallowmas Edition of 1895

Turn in confessions/favour

Turn in the Bishop of St Fiacre's Confession
Turn in the Ambitious Barrister's Confession
Turn in the Veteran Privy Councillor's Confession
Turn in the Cheery Man's Confession
Turn in the Melancholy Curate's Confession
Turn in the Jovial Contrarian's Confession
Turn in His Amused Lordship's Confession
Discuss Feducci's involvement in Hallowmas

Arrange an interview with your companion(s)